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2019 Administrative Orders

Updated 06/21/2019

Administrative Orders are listed alphabetically, by type, based on the first word of the name of the order. Most orders have a Supreme Court number, however, some do not.

Administrative Orders are provided here in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF) based on the year the order was issued. Administrative Orders are made available online only for orders issued from 1999 to the present.

2019 Florida Judicial College

AOSC18-68 - ordered 11/13/2018

Access to Electronic Court Records

AOSC19-20 - ordered 4/16/2019

Advisory Workgroup to Study Recording of Lesser-Qualified Interpreters

AOSC19-15 - ordered 3/15/2019

Appointments to Circuit Committees on the Unlicensed Practice of Law

AOSC19-4 - ordered 1/4/2019

AOSC19-7 - ordered 2/15/2019

AOSC19-18 - ordered 4/11/2019

AOSC19-22 - ordered 5/2/2019

AOSC19-28 - ordered 6/18/2019

Appointments to Standing Committee on the Unlicensed Practice of Law

AOSC19-27 - ordered 6/14/2019

Cases Involving The Hague Convention on Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction

AOSC19-19 - ordered 4/12/2019

Commission on District Court of Appeal Performance and Accountability

AOSC19-10 - ordered 3/1/2019

Commission on Trial Court Performance and Accountability

AOSC19-16 - ordered 4/2/2019

Designation of Official Headquarters

AOSC19-11 - ordered 3/4/2019

District Court of Appeal Budget Commission

AOSC19-6 - ordered 2/4/2019

Emergency Request to Extend Time Periods Under All Florida Rules

AOSC19-01 (Dixie & Hamilton Counties) - ordered 1/2/2019

Filing Electronic Court Documents Standards and Document Storage and Backup of Electronic Records Standards

AOSC19-23 - corrected 6/10/2019

Florida Commission on Access to Civil Justice

AOSC19-21 - ordered 4/18/2019

Florida Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism and Civility

AOSC19-12 - ordered 3/12/2019

Judicial Management Council

AOSC19-9 - ordered 2/27/2019

Juror Selection Plan

AOSC19-8 (Seminole County) - ordered 2/22/2019

AOSC19-24 (Bradford County) - ordered 5/24/2019

Mediator Qualifications and Discipline Review Board

AOSC19-14 - ordered 3/14/2019

Procedures Governing Certification of Mediators

AOSC19-26 - ordered 5/28/2019

Steering Committee on Families and Children in the Court

AOSC19-25 - ordered 5/28/2019

Termination of Official Headquarters Designation

AOSC19-29 - ordered 6/20/2019

Trial Court Budget Commission

AOSC19-5 - ordered 1/7/2019

Uniform Case Reporting Implementation

AOSC19-17 - ordered 4/11/2019

Workgroup on Appellate Review of County Court Decisions

AOSC19-3 - ordered 1/4/2019

AOSC19-13 - ordered 3/12/2019

Workgroup on Remote Appearance

AOSC19-2 - ordered 1/4/2019

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